Our Team

Nila Yanti
Nila majored in Tourism management and later in company Accounting. Nila is in overall charge of company administration and our Bali office.
Ketut Sukarta
Manager Representative
Ketut joined the company at its infancy and is now in charge of operations in Bali. Ketut spend a long time in Germany and Switzerland working with textiles and furniture. A pragmatic problem solver, Ketut liaises with clients.
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Dewi Mayang
Admin Staff
Livius Jurgens
Export Consultant
Livius is the founder of Hotel Contract Linen. Livius comes from a well know Dutch Industrial family, and was educated from a young age at private schools in England. He managed his first hotel in Scotland at the age of 19, renovated a large Scottish estate, to later build chalets in the Swiss mountains and villas in Ibiza. In Bali he has been producing and exporting furniture for in the main high end hotel industry Livius is the overall manager and mostly responsible for liasoning with our partners in Pakistan and in overall charge of our expanding the garment manufacturing business. Livius speaks Fluent Dutch, English and reasonable French, German and some Spanish